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This useful chair functions guide will help you navigate finding the right chair for you. The visual graphics display in detail each function that is listed on various items within the seating section.
Mid-Pivot Control
Pneumatic Seat Height
360-Degree Swivel
Swivel/Tilt Control
Tilt Lock
Back Lock
Adjusts “up and down” seat height relative to the floor.
Allows seat “rotation” in a full circle.
Places the “pivot point” directly above the base center and allows the user to lean back in a seated position.
“Locks seat and back” in an upright position.
Allows user to adjust “resistance” with which chair reclines or tilts.
Allows user to select and “lock a particular back angle.”
Knee-Tilt Control
Synchronous Control
Articulating Seat & Back
Adjustable Seat & Back
Back Height Adjustment
High Performance Control
Allows user to fully recline while keeping feet comfortably on the floor. “Pivot point” is placed near the front of the seat.
Automatically “adjusts seat and back angle while maintaining a 2:1 recline ratio”, providing optimum back support and minimal seat rise.
“Adjusts seat & back angle independently” with a single lever.
Allows user to “adjust and lock seat and back angle” of chair inde- pendently of each other.
Allows user to “adjust back up and down” for proper positioning of lumbar.
Includes “swivel/tilt with tension control, inde- pendently adjustable seat and back angle with infinite lock (any posi- tion) and forward pitch control.”
Back Depth Adjustment
Lumbar Adjustment
Forward Seat Tilt
Sliding Seat
Height-Adjustable Arms
Height/Width Adj. Arms
Allows user to recline
at a more natural angle than the traditional tilt control. “Pivot point of chair is positioned slight- ly forward” toward the front of the seat.
Allows user to “adjust back in and out” for additional seat depth.
Allows user to “custom fit chair by adjusting lumbar” for optimum support and comfort.
Allows user to “tilt seat forward” for optimum comfort while doing intensive forward- oriented tasks.
Allows seat to move “forward and back” or to be locked in a desired position.
Allows user to “adjust arms up and down” within a set range to accommodate a variety of tasks.
Allows user to “adjust arms up and down, or in and out” within a set range to accommodate a variety of tasks.

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