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Is your office space being maximized? Are you looking to decrease barriers to communication? Office benching systems can ensure you get the most out of your space, without breaking your budget.

You’ve come to the right place to shop from a wide variety of office benching solutions. We have dozens of office bench systems from multiple manufacturers, so you’ll be sure to find one that will meet your needs and fit your budget.

Keep reading to learn more about your benching options and learn how to capitalize on your office environment.

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Alternatives to Cubicles

Office bench seating arrangements tend to be more efficient than other office layouts thanks to streamlined organization and relatively lower setup costs.

If you’re working with a tight space, office benching systems are a great solution. They seat several individuals at one table, with small dividers to maintain a sense of privacy between workspaces. Not only does this eliminate bulky cubicles in your office, but you are introducing a collaborative work environment.

Close seating  arrangements with minimal dividers are incredibly useful for teams where collaboration is a necessity. Individuals can work together easily, while still maintaining their own space. It is also a viable option to include office benching in addition to your office cubicles, providing easy access to collaborative workspace.

This open office work space design is also particularly fitting for employees who don’t truly need a private office. Many workers are now mobile, thanks to the use of laptops and smartphones. Often, employees just need a place to sit with their computers and belongings to get their work done. Office benching systems accommodate this new, more flexible approach.

There are a variety of benching systems available on the market to suit different office designs and needs.

Benching options come in multiple layouts and sizes. There are simple, straight styles, as well as those that are configured in an L or U shape. Divider heights can be higher for more privacy, or almost non-existent for those who truly work with others for the majority of their time. In addition, there are options that seat two people to those that seat more than eight.

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As the workplace becomes more modern and flexible, your office furniture should too. Office benching systems are a fantastic alternative to cubicles that maximize space and encourage coworker collaboration. We can even help you design your space and install your new furniture.

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