Our Furniture Sales Process

We Understand Nobody Likes To Be Sold To

From a company that sells product, this sounds illogical, doesn’t it? A business that’s not trying to push its products or services aggressively. We bring this up because although we do need to sell in order to stay in business, we’re normal people as well. We don’t like the feeling of walking into a department store to have a sales associate stalk us throughout the entire store. Especially if they’re trying to push some shirt that’s on the clearance rack.

Transparency Throughout The Process

We’re firm believers in having open and honest conversations throughout the entire process of working with you. If we could walk into that same department store knowing that the sales associate would only point us in the right direction when we say “I need a shirt for this weekend” instead of trying to sell us their ugly shirt, we’d all feel so much more comfortable.

The All-Business Systems Sales Process

Sales Process Step 1: Initial Conversation

The best way to start your new furniture process is to call us or fill out a form on our contact us page. We’ll reach out to you via your preferred method of contact. If it’s by phone, one of our sales reps will get on the phone and have that transparent conversation that we all love having. If by email, we’ll send you a follow-up message and request a convenient time to talk.

We’ll work with you and help you find what you want and need, not what we want you to need. We’ll learn this by discussing:

  • What you’re looking to do with your space
  • Your timeline and how far into the process you are
  • What products you may need
  • If you are working with a budget

At All Business Systems, we’re not tied to one manufacturer. This means we can use multiple brands during our projects if it makes more sense for the client.

Sales Process Step 2: In-Person Consultation

Let’s see your space! We want to get a feel for it, the size and what it looks like. Seeing the space helps us know what you’re working with so you get the best service we can give. Being in the industry for 32 years, we’ve been in a lot of office spaces and can gauge what will and won’t work for your area!

Sales Process Step 3: Showroom Consultation

It’s show(room)time! While we do have our own showroom here at All Business Systems & Design’s main office, we work with furniture showrooms from DC to Richmond to show you how your space can be set up and with what product. We understand that seeing is believing and we want you to be able to sit in the chairs, get behind the desk, and experience the furniture you’re looking to transform your space with! You wouldn’t skip test driving a car before you bought it, so why would you not test drive your furniture?

Sales Process Step 4: Space Planning

As part of the entire process, we’ll help you with the design of your new space. What this entails is creating a CAD drawing so you can visualize what your new setup will be before it even goes in. If you’ve ever had a landscape design drawn up for you, it’s the same thing but for your office!

We’re also able to work with your architect if the building or space you’re looking to take over is in the build-out process. The last thing you want to have happened is to have to retroactively install electrical outlets so everyone’s cubicles have power after renovating your space. Being proactive is the name of the game in this situation!

Sales Process Step 5: The Follow-Up

Once your furniture is installed, we don’t just pass you off to some customer service rep if you have issues. Your sales rep will be helping you for years to come!

What this means is they will be checking in within the first 48 hours after the All Business Systems installation team finishes installing all your furniture to make sure everything is perfect. This means fixing any issues that may come up.

The follow up includes training with certain products. Teaching your employees how to adjust an ergonomic chairs for the office to enhance comfort during the workday can do wonders for happiness and productivity.

After this, we’ll be touching base periodically to make sure your furniture is as it should be!

Want To Connect With Us?

If you’re looking to start a new office design project or simply replace old furniture with something a bit more modern, talk to us! We’ll have those open, honest conversations about what you’re looking to have done and see how we can help in anyway. We do our best to keep the process as simple and straight forward as we can.

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