Our Services

Office Space Planning & Design

A Real Asset. To assure the most effective use of this valuable resource, our sales consultants focus first and foremost on identifying your traffic patterns, workflow, productivity, and of course comfort. Reinforced by an on-site needs analysis as well as computer aided drawings, we seek to develop the optimum solution for the best use of your office space. Read More!

Office Furniture Installation

Do it, do it right. Our factory trained installation team aims to prevent delays and disruptions in your progress. Whether delivering a single desk, assembling an entire building with systems furniture, or erecting a high-density mobile filing system, our team maintains pride in their professional abilities, reliability and workmanship. Our motto is “Do it, do it right”. Read More!

Office Furniture Leasing

There are many reasons companies choose to lease instead of purchase. Large companies may seek the tax incentives; whereas a small company may need to conserve working capital. There is one key: Conservation of Working Capital. Purchasing office furniture or equipment can require a large cash outlay. Many companies lease to conserve capital. Money may be better spent for other day-to-day needs to keep the business successful. Read More!

All Business Systems

Office Reconfiguration

Ready and Available. Our skillful and knowledgeable installation team is capable of working with any office furniture manufacturer’s products. We can dismantle, reconfigure, reinstall or simply remove and dispose of your existing furniture. Our flexibility is such that if necessary we can schedule all work to be performed after normal business hours or during weekends when it would be less of an interruption to your day-to-day business. Read More!