Architectural Walls

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Project Description

Architectural Walls


Architectural Walls

The basic task of a wall in an office is to segment space and provide privacy. Today, architectural
demountable walls do that and more. Demountable Architectural Walls are full height modular
office walls that can be easily disassembled, moved and reassembled when you reconfigure or
relocate your office.

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Economic Considerations

Architectural walls are an economical alternative to traditional interior wall construction because they can be moved and reused over and over with far less waste at a minimal cost. These systems are designed to reuse over 90% of their components when walls are moved and reused after the initial installation. The flexibility of demountable wall systems can add up to significant long term savings far into the future.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Unique in richness and configuration possibilities, architectural walls combine function and fashion
to create a versatile work environment that is very pleasant for your employees. With unlimited
offering of options, materials, textures, colors, door styles and configurations available to enhance the look and feel of any office.

Advantages of Architectural Walls

  • Architectural walls can significantly reduce construction landfill debris from a job site while
    maintaining higher levels of indoor air quality
  • Transforms indoor spaces while preserving the outdoor environment.
  • Installs faster and easier than drywall and can also be quickly reconfigured – giving
    contractors, architects and designers alike an unprecedented level of control.
  • Reduced construction dust, fumes, and noise
  • Less electrical and data wiring
  • Less business disruptions when remodeling
  • Quicker installations
  • Wide variety of surfaces including marker board and glass walls
  • Tax depreciation benefits

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