Domestic vs Import Office Furniture

Domestic vs Import Office Furniture

There are always differences in domestic and imported products, no matter the industry that we’re talking about. We’ve all seen the car commercials that put American made cars against the German or Korean models.

When it comes to office furniture, buying domestic compared to products from overseas can have an impact on the overall quality, shipping time, and variety.

Thankfully, All Business Systems & Design has multiple manufacturers.

Just choose your source! Working with different manufacturers means that we have a long, varying list of products. You get to choose whatever you want from wherever you want, be it American, Canadian, or even from overseas!

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Domestic Furniture

Made local by locals-ish. If the quality of the product is of the utmost importance to you, choose domestic. It may take longer to arrive, but it can be worth it.


Domestic products are known for their quality. They are made with superior parts and craftsmanship so they look great and work well, which sometimes means they are more expensive. You may pay more up front, but generally won’t have to replace the furniture as often.


North-American brands can take 4-6 weeks to arrive depending on the product line and the manufacturer. This may sound long, but remember that quality takes time. When it comes to the sales process at ABS&D, we like to start working with our clients well before the furniture needs to be installed. This usually doesn’t have any effect on the installation.

While it may take a little longer time to arrive, domestic furniture usually has a much faster turnaround time if there is a part that needs to be replaced!


Domestic stocks have more choices for you. There are more colors to choose from, more finishes, more products, just more! Want to customize your furniture? Domestic allows for that as well, just tell us what you want.

But, don’t kick imports to the curb for they have their own advantages too.

Import Furniture

Need furniture quickly? Then look to the imports for your furniture. You can have your office set up and ready to use in no time. This is because most imported furniture comes over in large containers and is warehoused for quick delivery.


The price of imported furniture is often less costly, sometimes as much as 30% less, than that of their domestic counterparts. When it comes to pricing, it’s hard to beat imported products. The quality of imported furniture is usually good.

However, most imported products are limited in the quantities of styles, sizes, and finishes that are shipped over and stocked for immediate delivery due to warehousing costs. That could mean you’ll be sacrificing a bit of variety and choice to save money in the short run.


Although imported furniture may be coming from halfway around the world, your order can be delivered in days. So if you are in a bit of a time crunch, then import may be the way to go. You can have your office up and running in no time thanks to their quick delivery.

Although these speeds are usually par for the course, they still depend on what products you’re getting and the manufacturer.

If a part on the furniture needs to be replaced, foreign manufacturers may take longer than domestic.


Your choices of styles, colors, and finishes are more limited with imported furniture. However, you can get your furniture quickly because the products are already manufactured, waiting in a warehouse to be shipped!

Overall Comparison Summary

There are benefits to choosing either, it all depends on what you want! If it’s higher quality and more choices, then domestic may be your best bet. On the flip side if you’re looking to have new furniture installed on a tight budget, import would be a good place to start.

Here at All Business Systems & Design, we want to help you find your next office furniture. We are glad to answer questions or talk about our services, just fill out our contact form or call us at (703) 631-1200.

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